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The real estate market in Ferguson, MO, remains depressed, and the average sale price for a home in the city has been steadily declining for two years, according to housing data compiled by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a national association of real estate agents.

Estate agent Atefa Young, who has lived in Ferguson for 40 years, said people bought homes because they knew they were getting good value for money. I could afford to live in middle-class Ferguson, and I hope to protect my three daughters from the violence in the St. Louis neighborhood. In the second quarter, more than half of all homes for sale in Missouri's second-largest city were submerged, the report said.

As families arrived, estate agents asked nearby homeowners to sell their homes, which had fallen in value since the arrival of blacks. Neikirk said his sale in Ferguson was months before the unrest and there were no widespread discounts on house prices. Outside Ferguson, the housing market is doing well, but it is expected to see a number of sales to investors.

Single-family homes are the most common form of housing in the city, accounting for more than half of all new home sales in St. Louis County, according to data from the Missouri Department of Housing and Community Development. The three and four-bedroom apartments, which are mainly found in single-family and single-family homes, are more expensive than three- and two-bedroom apartments in other parts of the state. House prices in Ferguson are about $1,000 to $2,500 above the national average for the same period. Hancock said buyers are attracted by the opportunity to live in established neighborhoods shaded by tall oaks.

The cost per square foot of a home has dropped 47 percent since Michael Brown's death in Ferguson. It can also be useful to know that there is no cost to rent a single-family home in Ierguson, MO, according to the Missouri Department of Housing and Community Development.

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More About Ferguson