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St. Louis is known for its barbecue, and in North County, barbecuing at Roper's Ribs is the place to be, but you shouldn't miss this independently run Italian restaurant. The hill is considered by many as a "go-to spot" for Italian cuisine in St. Moritz. Louis. For those who love it, this caterer-turned-restaurant does everything from back-to-back pulled pork to smoked chicken wings to fried shrimp.

Cathy and Jerome Jenkins have run this St. Louis-area store for more than two decades and it is one of the city's most popular restaurants.

Several generations of St. Louis Whites were responsible for leaving North St. Louis and North County to blacks. This mentality remains because in the last half of the 20th century, both whites and blacks wrote a living story. While St. Louis whites recognized Black St. Louis culture with BBQ and soul food as local cuisine, they made sure that blacks lived in a closed society. Emerging restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses in Ferguson have moved to suburban St. Louis in hopes of capitalizing on the growing middle class in the diverse community.

Ferguson has become a symbol that the same destructive politics cannot be allowed to take over the city itself. It's also a reminder that Ferguson can teach us that we're all in this together. With that in mind, I'd like to suggest five of my favorite restaurants in Ferguson that might need a little love.

Lombardo's legacy in St. Louis stretches back 84 years, starting as a small restaurant with the opening of the first Lombardo's on the corner of Main Street and Washington Avenue. The Pasta House has been serving golden - roasted ravioli, pasta and other delicious pasta dishes for 44 years.

America has repeatedly tried to take this dispute to court, but Ping, I will hold my breath to see the rules lifted. Whites are finding a new loophole that continues to prevent blacks from ever working - and reduce benefits. There is no saying that blacks simply do not care about their homes or their communities, and America has repeatedly taken legal action to try to resolve the conflict. For many white people in St. Louis, there is little to no explanation for why they live where they live, or why their families moved there - and - so.

For business owners Cathy and Jerome Jenkins, the best way to show the strength of faith in the community is to keep Cathy's Kitchen open. A recent post highlighted the importance of fried prawns at Cathy's, one of my favorite restaurants in St. Louis.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Ferguson has raised beds to grow vegetables for the pantry. The shirts are on the market and are now on sale at the Corner Coffee House of Ferguson. Pings operates one of the cafes in St. Louis, and it is the only one in town with a full-service cafe.

Lonero has helped build the restaurant scene in Ferguson by opening businesses that emphasize local sourcing and community engagement, including a number of restaurants in the historic treasures of North County, including the former St. Louis County Courthouse and the historic Stony Pointe Hotel.

In the last two weeks, SLM employee Pat Eby has visited a number of grocery stores in Ferguson and other parts of St. Louis County. If you're looking for more places to visit in Ferguson and the surrounding area, froeb has a few tips for you.

When the Jenkins family took over the restaurant, the food inspired Cathy Jenkins to create a dish from her favorite city for the restaurant. She also says her family depends on the restaurants, but they don't know if they can stay open if the family doesn't make some changes. Owners Sonny and Bridgett Lewis want their son to help out more and run more. Lewis wanted to start his own restaurant where he could serve American cuisine, be closer to his customers and give something back to his community.

Restaurants on the other side of the loop are also experiencing a decline in business and are having difficulty communicating the invisible boundaries to customers. St. Louis County is the only county in Missouri that bans indoor restaurants, and it's one of only four in Missouri.

After two weeks of opposing the ban on indoor restaurants in St. Louis County, Bartolino's South said it would comply with the mandate and close it until it can keep its doors open. Now that indoor dining is banned, Klestinske said he has had to lay off half of his 15-person staff.

Former Ferguson Mayor Brian Fletcher launched the I - Ferguson campaign and first sold shirts on the market on August 16. Irvine turned up to help Drake's Place, a popular community restaurant, after it closed and has been closed forever since. Rockamann will build a new restaurant and bar on the site of the former Drake's, which is now a strip mall.

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